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ISPmanager - a feature-rich control panel that allows the web interface to manage services, directories and server processes. You have access to all the most frequently used operations management serverom- creation of site users (customers), domain names, mailboxes, databases, installation of PHP components, SSL certificates, organization of regular backup of data to a remote server or a directory on the server

ISPmanager control panel allows you to create multi-level access system with the distribution rights. ISPmanager is ideal for personal use - you can arrange for themselves a professional hosting with the settings that are convenient. Also, the ISPmanager frequently used web hosting companies offering shared hosting services

Name Price, 1 month
ISPmanager 5 lite 2 $
VMmanager 5 KVM 7 $

Features ISPmanager

  • Slave server - the ability to combine multiple servers ISPmanager installed in a control panel
  • Ability to create a hosting reseller
  • DNS Management
  • The ability to send notifications to users server
  • Setting different access rights to the toolbar, for different users or groups of users
  • Ability to set individual limits on system resources for different users or groups of users

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