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SSL/TLS Certificates

SSL/TLS certificate - a digital signature to a domain name

SSL/TLS certificates provide secure communication and data transfer between server and client. Data Technology (SSL / TLS) guarantees the protection, safety and integrity of data transmitted.

Activation Options Price, 1 year Price, 3 years  
Comodo PositiveSSL 5 minutes
5 $ 13 $ Order now
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard 5 minutes
80 $ 200 $ Order now
Activation Options Price, 1 year Price, 3 years  
GGSSL Domain SSL 5 minutes
5.5 $ 14 $ Order now
GGSSL Wildcard SSL 5 minutes
60 $ 150 $ Order now
Activation Options Price, 1 year Price, 3 years  
RapidSSL Standard 5 minutes
10 $ 24 $ Order now
RapidSSL WildcardSSL 5 minutes
90 $ 220 $ Order now

Certificates with domain verification

Only check the domain name is made When making this type of certificate. The order of this type of certificate is possible both physical and legal persons. When you order a certificate you need to tell "E-mail address for confirmation" the certified domain, it is at this address will be confirmed by your "domain ownership". The address must necessarily exist , all the letters with the instructions of the certification center will be sent to this E-mail.

WildCard - Support for subdomains

Wildcard certificate can be used on all subdomains of your domain name. One such certificate will be valid for domain,, etc. no limits to the number of sub-domains. When you generate a request for Wildcard certificate as Common Name (CN) use "*", где — it's your domain name.

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