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VPS hosting

We lease dedicated virtual servers (VPS/VDS) running under modern licensed versions of Windows Server® OS. The operating system license is already included to each VDS/VPS server price, and ordering a server you always see it final cost.

Price plan SSD-1 SSD-2 SSD-3 SSD-4
CPURestriction on the use of server CPU 2 core 2 core 3 core 4 core
RAMRestriction on the server RAMОграниченние на оперативную память сервера 2 Gb 4 Gb 6 Gb 8 Gb
HDDThe disk space allocated for your tariff (Gb) 20 Gb 40 Gb 60 Gb 80 Gb
Disk storage based on SSD drives
Price per month 8 $ 12 $ 16 $ 20 $
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Dedicated IP-address 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs 2 pcs
Basic administrationInitial setting ISPmanager panel and the necessary packages
Bandwidth 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s
Control PanelConvenient and versatile client your account management system
Additional services
Additional IP-address, 1 month 2 $
ISPmanager 5 Lite, 1 month 2 $
Advanced administration, 1 month 20 $

Virtual VPS server - this is a great alternative to a physical dedicated server, but at a lower financial cost. Here you get all the benefits of dedicated servers - full access to the server, simple operation, guaranteed resources.

KVM virtualization technology for VPS hosting eliminates overselling and then you will get all declared at the rate of resources. You can choose the optimum configuration for your project, and not to pay the money.

ISPmanager - one of the leading multi-function control panel VPS servers through a simple and intuitive web-based interface. All basic operations to manage the server, such as creating users, sites, domains, mailboxes, run a couple of mouse clicks.

VMmanager - a management system Virtual Dedicated Servers (VPS). Administrator VPS is available a variety of functions, ranging from the view server status and management of backups, ending with a full reinstallation of the Virtual Server.

Customer service operates around the clock 24/7. We ensure that your server is working around the clock and without interruption. The vast experience in the field of virtualization make our company a leader in the field of VPS hosting.

We only have the newest, best and most reliable server hardware for the placement of your VPS server. We use only quality certified server hardware, disk arrays on the basis of SAS and SSD drives enterprise-class.

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